Lernberger Stafsing


The client

Lernberger Stafsing is a hair care  brand created by hair stylists Patrik Lernberger and Mattias Stafsing. The two have more than twenty years’ experience in hair styling and trend analyzing in both Sweden and internationally.


Pretto PR was asked to manage the launch of Lernberg and Stafsing’s own hair care brand on the Swedish market.


Pretto PR assisted Lernberger Stafsing through the entire process; from strategic consulting, idea and concept development to  product development, art direction, event arrangement and press work.


The launch turned out a great success  and today Lernberger Stafsing is one of Sweden’s most appreciated and recognized hair care brands.

Over 200 editorials and press clippings were published during the cooperation period, and over 300 posts were published in blogs and online magazines.

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