The Kraken Rum


The client

The Kraken  is an imported, black spiced rum that was launched in 2012. It is distilled in Trinidad  and named after the mythical sea beast Kraken, a  giant octopus that is told to rule the Caribbean sea.


In the winter of 2018, Pretto PR assisted The Kraken to raise awareness of the brand and position it as ’’top-of-mind’’ in the Swedish rum market. Pretto PR arranged a launch event as the initial PR and marketing activity.


To generate buzz about The Kraken, Pretto PR hosted a Valentine’s dinner for  thirty selected influencers. The event concept was  themed “Black Valentine” to communicate the essence of the brand ; to symbolize the dark, mythical tale of the Kraken and the shattered hearts the beast leaves behind after a deadly ship encounter at sea.

Pretto PR sent personal invitations to the hand-picked influencers including  black roses and custom-made voodoo dolls as hints of what they would later experience during the event.

While at the event, the guests participated in a mystical and exciting dinner with Kraken-inspired food like squid ink pasta and signature drinks made with the rum as key ingredient. A hired actress  was playing the character Ingrid the whole time, a widow who was said to be deeply disturbed by the sea beast’s horrible actions.

The dinner was accompanied by an exclusive live session with the band Charlion  and the guests got to enoy  Black Valentine themed games and activities, such as pinning emotional notes to a giant voodoo doll  to mend unresolved feelings of heartbreak.


The Black Valentine dinner with The Kraken resulted in a successful event with a wide-spread coverage in social media.

Over 90 post  about the event were  shared in social media with an estimated measurable reach of 1.223.000 followers/readers.

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