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The client

Freixenet is the world’s largest producer of sparkling wine, probably best known for its best-seller Cordon Negro. In 2013 Freixenet launched Mia,  a medium sweet, sparkling Moscato with a flowery aroma and fresh notes of elderflower, rose, pear and citrus. Mia goes perfectly with all types of sweet pastry and desserts, while it can even be enjoyed as a social drink.


Freixenet requested Pretto PR’s assistance with the introduction of Mia to the Swedish market  and desired a  focus on PR activities that would have both long- and short-term results. Freixenet aimed for a communication strategy that would establish Mia’s brand identity and attract a solid base of consumers in the long-term. Moreover, it intended to facilitate the sales of as many bottles as possible at Systembolaget in the short-term. The total number of sold bottles after a three months’ evaluation period would determine whether Mia would stay in Systembolaget’s permanent assortment.

Pretto PR faced the challenge of making Mia stand out from the many competing sparkling wine brands within the market, and at the same time create a genuine relationship between Mia and its target group that would last in the long run.


Mia is a Moscato that goes perfectly with pastry and desserts. Pretto PR let the concept name Bubbel & Bakverk (directly translated Bubbles & Pastry) permeate all communication, and  Cecilia Andersson, the Swedish “Confectioner Of The Year 2012”, was chosen as Mia’s ambassador for spreading the trend of Bubbel & Bakverk. She was assigned to create recipes for desserts that would taste great with the Moscato or even include it as ingredient. The recipes were shared with the public through an online campaign page and during a launch event for the media.

Pretto PR additionally arranged at-home baking nights with Cecilia Andersson, opinion-forming personalities and influencers. A contest was also shared through the online campaign page where the winner got to attend a master class held by Andersson.

Furthermore, Pretto PR’s full communication strategy for Freixenet’s launch of Mia included sponsorships and a press trip for key influencers to Barcelona.


The launch of Mia on the Swedish market turned out a great success and the media was completely sold on the concept Bubbel & Bakverk.

Over 40 different social networking sites chose to publish information about Mia and Cecilia Andersson’s recipes.

Over 200 social media posts were published during the launch period.

Mia sold much more than expected during the three month’s evaluation period, and the Moscato is today top-ranked in its segment at Systembolaget.

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