Bea Szenfeld

The client

Bea Szenfeld is a pioneering designer who is recognized for her creativity and way of using alternative materials. Szenfeld expresses herself through her magnificent creations that are both art and  haut couture fashion.

Mission and implementation

In the spring of 2014, Bea Szenfeld launched an unique and impressive collection entirely made of paper. Pretto PR was assigned to consult Szenfeld on strategic communication, assist her with  personal PR, loans to international press and her fashion show during Stockholm Fashion Week.

To meet the international interest for Bea Szenfeld, Pretto PR also arranged an exhibition at the prestigious vintage store Decades in Los Angeles, where Pretto PR along with the world-known stylist Bea Åkerlund invited famous personalities within the design, art and media industry.


Bea Szenfeld’s collection received great attention in print and digital media, both in Sweden and internationally.

The fashion show was widely covered by the media and made all the headlines about Stockholm Fashion Week.

Many prominent celebrities are fans of Szenfeld,  and Lady Gaga  wore a garment from the SS14 collection  in her music video to “G.U.Y.”

Later in 2014, she was awarded “Årets Blickfång” (directly translated “Eye-Catcher Of The Year”) at the Swedish ELLE Awards.

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