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Arcus Sweden is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Norwegian company Arcusgruppen, the world’s largest producer of aquavit.  Arcus Sweden was founded in 2002 and has become one of the leading brands in the Swedish market for alcoholic beverages.

Arcus Sweden represents Arcusgruppens’ own brands and has also collaborated with some of the best-known liquor and wine producers in the world.  Arcus Sweden’s portfolio includes collaborations with famous brands like Fireball, Dalmore, Gammeldansk, Snälleröds, Linie och Aalborg.


In time for the Christmas holidays in 2016, Arcus Sweden desired increased promotion of the Christmas beverages Snälleröds, Alalborg and Linie in both traditional and social media. This to improve sales as well as the consumers’ knowledge about the brands.

Pretto PR was hired to arrange a branding event that would place the beverages among the defined target groups through relevant opinion-makers, including influencers and journalists that would spread information about the event in their channels.


Pretto PR decided to arrange a Christmas lunch event at the traditional restaurant Pelikan in Stockholm, the a perfect location for creating the proper Christmas feeling. Fifteen influencers and journalists were invited and served inspiring Christmas dishes alongside an extensive Arcus Sweden aquavit tasting. During the event, three of Stockholm’s best bartenders created exclusive cocktails using the different aquavits in question.

Pretto PR assisted Arcus Sweden with concept development for the event and were responsible for the  invitations, guest list, decorations and logistics. Moreover, Pretto PR distributed press samples and drink recipes to the guests after the event.


Through the Christmas lunch Pretto PR managed to place the selected Christmas beverages among the target group in a way that felt authentic and non-sponsored.

The Christmas lunch gave the selected aquavits exposure in over 30 social media posts (blogs and Instagram), reaching over 500.000 people.

Pretto PR had the honour to arrange the Christmas lunch again in 2017.

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