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The client

Primewine is one of Sweden’s largest wine importers and the exclusive champagne house Alexandre Bonnet is a significant brand in the company’s portfolio of well-known wine producers.


In 2014 Alexandre Bonnet realized the need for establishing a brand platform and a distinct communication concept in the Swedish market. Alexandre Bonnet desired to distinguish its champagne brand through association with the high-end fashion industry, and to find the best communication strategy to increase brand awareness and sales in Sweden.


Pretto PR initiated a collaborative product development between Alexandre Bonnet and a selected Swedish fashion designer. The designer would exclusively design two limited edition Alexandre Bonnet champagne gift packages, one for Grande Réserve Brut  and one the for Perle Rosé Brut, to be sold at Systembolaget during spring/summer 2014. Ida Sjöstedt, one of Sweden’s most loved bridal designers, was chosen to take up the challenge.


The collaboration was an instant success and favoured both parties involved in a unique way. The Alexandre Bonnet brand was henceforth tied to high fashion through its association with a highly respected name within the Swedish fashion industry. This made the package launch a newsworthy story which in turn facilitated its promotion in both wine, lifestyle and fashion media. In other words, the collaboration made both Alexandre Bonnet and Ida Sjöstedt reach out to new target groups with high purchasing power that each brand would not have reached otherwise.

Alexandre Bonnet increased its sales in the Swedish market by 50%.

Perle Rosé Brut is still the best-selling champagne in its segment at Systembolaget.

Pretto PR has been given the opportunity to continue the PR work with Alexandre Bonnet on an annual basis since 2014.

The limited edition gift packages have become tradition. The famous Swedish designers Malinda Damgaard, House of Dagmar, Bea Szenfeld and Elsa Billgren have all created their own versions.

Today Alexandre Bonnet is a partner to the Swedish ELLE Awards and the limited edition packages have become collector’s items.

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