A Amarone


The client

A Amarone is a spicy and aromatic Amarone produced by Apha Zeta Wines. In Sweden A Amarone is distributed by Primewine group and represents 20% of the country’s total sales of Amarone wines. .


Primewine needed assistance with the development of a PR concept for A Amarone’s target group (men in their thirties to fifties) that would benefit the wine’s brand image and increase sales during the fall of 2013 .


Pretto PR came up with the campaign named A-class for A Amarone. It partly consisted of an ad-labelled online campaign page that included editorial material related with the A Amarone wine and the concept of A-class. The page could be reached through the website of Expressen, the Swedish evening paper.

The other part of the campaign was an A Amarone podcast that Pretto PR recorded in cooperation with a group of famous social media personalities of different expertise. The podcast addressed issues and topics  in line with the target group’s interest, like food, drinks, personal style and career. It was available both on Itunes and on the page of the online campaign.

Furthermore, Pretto PR’s work for Primewine and A Amarone included extensive promotion through the traditional media.


The podcast had an enormous impact and was noted by both traditional and social media. It even ended up on Itunes’ chart for the most popular podcasts during a couple of weeks.

The campaign page for A Amarone in collaboration with Expressen had over 130.000 unique visitors during the six weeks’ campaign period.

The sales of A Amarone increased significantly during the campaign.

The campaign’s success resulted in the production of more podcast episodes that were aired during spring 2014.

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